A downloadable game for Windows

Pi!NG is a two player arcade game on Windows tablet.

The aim is to send the ball back between you and your opponent by taping the buttons on which the ball is running.

The middle circle sometimes colours in green or red. If it's red, then you can swipe it to your opponents camp to mix up his tracks. If it's green, you can swipe it towards your camp to summon a protective shields on one of your tracks.

Play quick matches with your friends and family and enjoy the intense soundtrack.

Music by GosT

"Genesee Avenue" - Behemoth

"Night Crawler" - Behemoth

AuthorPi!NG Team
Tags80s, Arcade, eartsup, hitsplaytime, Music, ping
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2
LinksHomepage, Community, Twitter

Install instructions

- Unzip Pi!NG.zip

- Go into the Pi!NG folder

- Open nw.exe

- Enjoy


PiiNG.zip 88 MB